Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visit to New Pond Farm

Randall calves Worm (standing) and Madison on display at New Pond Farm's May Fair 2007On Saturday, May 19, Phil, along with neighbor and fellow Randall cattle owner Cynthia Creech, spent the day at New Pond Farm in West Redding, CT. The event was their annual Founder's May Fair, and we went to exhibit calves and support the efforts of this great place. Randall calves "Madison" from our farm, and "Worm" (a rare red Randall heifer) were available for petting and viewing, and they behaved themselves beautifully.

May Fair 2007 at New Pond FarmNew Pond Farm is the legacy of actress Carmen Matthews, and serves as a natural resource/farming/educational center. The working farm milks 10 cows and sells milk, cheese, yogurt, and other farm products at an on-site store. One of their milking cows is Randall cow "Noreen", acquired as a calf from our farm. New Pond Farm also has a summer camp program. It's a great place to visit! To view a web album containing photos from this years' May Fair, click here. Album photos are best viewed in your browser's "Full Screen" mode.

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