Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Randalls in New Hampshire

Randall calves Marissa with Susan Junkins, and April with Karen DowningKaren Downing of Ossipee, New Hampshire, is the latest Randall cattle owner, congratulations! Karen and co-worker Susan Junkins came to the farm and took home Randall heifers "Marissa" and "April" to be the start of Karen's new herd. Karen (in photo, R, with April) and Susan (in photo, L, with Marissa), work at The Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm in Tamworth, New Hampshire, where Karen is the Livestock Manager. Karen's own farm in Ossipee is already home to flocks of sheep and chickens, and a pair of working steers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New barn roof!

The cow barn on Howland Homestead Farm, South Kent, CT, seen from the eastOur cow barn is the third to stand on its foundation. The first survived from the early 1800's to the early 1950's, when it burned from a lightning strike. In the same decade, 1959 to be exact, it burned again at the hands of a farmhand smoking in the haymow. The first two structures were traditional post and beam, but the latest is a Gothic arch roof made with glued trusses with an entirely free span inside.
Below is a slideshow showing before, after, and during the project. Larger photos can be found here.

The cow barn on Howland Homestead Farm, South Kent, CT, seen from the westThe new roof is this barn's third. Phil re-roofed it in the winter of 1978-79, when it was owned by his parents. In the last few years, shingles had blown off in spots, and an inspection revealed that repair would be costly and not extend the roof's life enough to justify it. So a decision was made to bite the bullet and have it re-roofed. The roofing job was completed by Gary Voelpel of Voelpel Brothers Roofing in Sherman, CT. Carpentry and painting was done by Transcend Carpentry of New Milford, CT.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A new Randall ox team

Elizabeth and Celeste Johnson of Naples NY with Randall ox team Anders and LarsCongratulations to Elizabeth and Bradley Johnson, and their daughter Celeste, for being the new owners of the latest team of Randall working steers! Cynthia Creech supplied a calf from her herd, as did we, to make up the 5 week old pair. "Anders" and "Lars" headed off to their new home in Naples, New York this afternoon. This is a nice looking, well matched team, and we're sure that they'll make fine oxen!